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Newton Business School – Global fashion CEO programme

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Global Fashion CEO Programme

2019 is the third year of international course cooperation between Møller Institute and Newton Business School. Together, we have co-created a series of tailored global fashion and innovative management programmes for Asia Pacific fashion superstars, top ten fashion designers in China, and well-known fashion and luxury industry entrepreneurs. In 2018 we co-created the week-long Global fashion CEO programme with Newton Business School to 15-20 high-profile individuals, most of them have excellent postgraduate background and rich experience in brand operation. Many entrepreneurs have a market value of more than 1 billion GBP.


Newton Business School is a first-class fashion business school focusing on international fashion buyers, fashion management, innovation and luxury management. It is a premier international fashion education and development centre in Asia and one of the biggest three fashion buyer education institutions in the world. In the past fifteen years, Newton Business School has provided a series of high quality programmes for senior managers in Asia Pacific, fostering a large number of creative and innovative fashion business leaders.


In 2017 we met with representatives from Newton Business School in Cambridge to obtain a key insight through consultation to their ambitions for the Global CEO programme and wider programme management objectives throughout China. Our aim was to work with Newton Business School to help fashion entrepreneurs and elites shape their overall strategic thinking, create a global business vision and a truly sustainable fashion brand.


The unique Global Fashion CEO programme is a comprehensive, multi-level innovative and management programme  focusing on the practical application of cutting-edge fashion and technology research, and how new inventions of fashion technology can change our lives. It helped support business direction and overall company positioning, whilst further assisting with how to cope with sustainable development trends, transform traditional enterprises and develop innovative thought. The week long programme, delivered here at the Møller Institute in Cambridge, was broken down into a series of high-quality educational lectures by distinguished Cambridge scholars and practitioners on innovation and manufacturing.

Key areas:

  • How Technology is Enabling the ‘4th Industrial Revolution’
  • The Future of Manufacturing in an Age of Digitalisation and Eco-systems
  • The Art and Science of Working in and Leading a High Performance Team
  • How to Build Innovative Culture in Enterprises – The Methodology of “Design Thinking”
  • International Luxury Brand Management

Some of our honorary speakers are as follows:

  • Andy Neely:Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Enterprise and Business Relations at University of Cambridge, Former Head of the Institute for Manufacturing (IfM), Founding Director of the Cambridge Service Alliance
  • Peter Nolan,CBE:Director of Centre of Development Studies, University of Cambridge
  • Chong Hua Professor in Chinese Development, Fellow of Jesus College at University of Cambridge
  • Shai Vyakarnam:Director of the Bettany Centre for Entrepreneurship at Cranfield
  • School of Management, Former Director of Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning at Cambridge University Judge Business School
  • Tim Minshall:Head of the Institute for Manufacturing and Centre for Technology Management, Fellow of Churchil College
  • Dr John C Taylor Innovation Professor, Head of the Institute for Manufacturing, Fellow of Churchill College at University of Cambridge
  • Dr Eden Yin:Senior Lecture, Judge Business School, University of Cambridge,Fellow of St Edmund’s College University of Cambridge


Newton Business School is committed to working with world-renowned universities and colleges to develop global fashion executive programmes, including the collaboration with Møller Institute at Churchill College in the University of Cambridge.