Learning beyond the classroom

To meet all of our clients’ needs, Møller Institute has expertise in both face-to-face and online delivery. Our Møller Online platform provides a tool for participants on our programmes to engage with learning beyond the classroom.

All of our programmes, whether in-person, blended or fully online, incorporate the use of appropriate tools to create the best learning opportunities. Effective learning is not a linear experience, and through the use of additional technologies Møller Institute is able to activate continuous development in those who learn with us.

Our approach to learning

Møller Institute’s approach to learning is one which recognises the value of face-to-face learning, the importance of using time effectively, and the power of self-directed study. Because of this, our programme design ensures that we utilise the most appropriate tools to achieve the desired outcomes.

These tools include innovative classroom techniques, but also involve the most useful online and technology-enhanced tools which add value to the experience and outcomes of learning. Møller Institute focuses on achieving development goals rather than be dogmatic about particular learning approaches or platforms. Putting the learner at the heart of our design process results in fully-realised learning journeys.

Whether it is an open enrolment or bespoke programme, we focus on:

  • Expert-led learning
  • Discursive engagement
  • Shared experiences
  • Learning through practice

These approaches ensure that participants on our programme not only gain insights and knowledge, but also understand how to apply their learning in their own contexts and meet their individual day-to-day challenges.

Delivering blended learning

The best learning experiences are ones which provide a balance between expert-guided and self-directed discovery. All Møller Institute programmes are blended to some extent, whether that involves online learning resources, virtual discussions, webinars or other forms of learning.

Our programmes are positioned along a spectrum of learning approaches which reflect the planned outcomes, the participant audience and the contexts in which the knowledge needs to b applied. Regardless of a particular programme’s position on this spectrum, Møller Institute will leverage the best tools with a focus on the results achieved.