The Power of Purpose II - date TBC

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Does purpose bind together all stakeholders and senior leaders to manage competing demands?

A Møller Practical Leadership Symposium in partnership with the International Leadership Association at the Møller Centre.

You are invited to join a one-day symposium exploring purpose-led organisations.

This Practical Leadership Symposium will bring together a powerful combination of CEOs and HRDs from successful global organisations together with leadership scholars, including Georgia Sorenson and Gill Hickman (Authors of ‘The Power of Invisible Leadership: How a Compelling Common Purpose Inspires Exceptional Leadership’) to examine and debate alignment behind purpose and how this can enable senior leaders to manage the competing demands of their organisations.

Event details

What : A co-created symposium between the Møller Institute and the International Leadership Association
Where: Møller Centre, Churchill College, University of Cambridge, England
When: Dates tbc but with overnight accommodation and optional dinner
Fee: We will ask participants to cover expenses as follows:
Pre-symposium dinner and accommodation plus one day event: £450 per person; day event only: £250 per person

To register your interest in this event please email Tim Hill, Marketing Manager,