About Møller Institute

Møller Institute delivers practical high impact leadership and management development through customised executive education programmes. We also offer a number of Open Enrolment Programmes in key areas.

We partner with CEOs, Heads of Learning & Development and other senior executives from around the world to design and deliver practical leadership development programmes for their current and future leaders in an inspiring residential learning environment at Churchill College, University of Cambridge.

Our experienced teaching team work alongside these clients to understand and address specific business needs and challenges through practical, highly-customised programmes, which create positive outcomes for individuals, organisations and their communities that have a lasting impact.

Our promise to you

A customised programme designed and delivered by Møller Institute will:

  • put you, the learner, at the heart of everything we design and deliver;
  • create positive practical outcomes for individuals, organisations and society that have a lasting impact on individual and organisational performance in a competitive market place;
  • combine deep and specific organisational knowledge with world-class research and subject-matter expertise to deliver memorable learning experiences for our executives;
  • select exceptional and experienced advisers, academics and practitioners, including industry experts, and our own group of executive coaches to support delegates through a highly personalised approach to their development journey;
  • leverage opportunities from across Churchill College, its Fellowship, the Churchill Archives Centre, the University of Cambridge and the innovative and vibrant business community in the Cambridge ecosystem and beyond; and
  • be endorsed by Churchill College and quality assured through the University of Cambridge’s Board of Executive and Professional Education.

Our track-record

Over the past 12 years we have been consistently delivering well received Executive Education interventions to leaders from across the globe, to develop their strategic thinking and improve their personal impact. We help leaders to succeed through the development of disciplined people, disciplined thought and disciplined action.  Many of our clients operate in rigorous professional and regulated environments, and their people are highly qualified and technically expert.

Aspiring Leaders

We often work with very bright professionals, sometimes younger, aspiring leaders, who have the need to take time to develop further their confidence as well as their personal, team and organisational leadership skills in order to step up to new challenges and more senior roles in their working environment.

Examples of our work with Young Leaders can be viewed here.

Senior Leaders

We also work with senior leaders who may have been too busy to engage in recent leadership development and who are facing major corporate changes. These leaders and leadership teams may sometimes feel isolated and lacking feedback in their leadership positions in often challenging organisational and macro-economic circumstances. They need a safe leadership space, an immersive and high impact experience through engaging in our challenging, rigorous and stretching programmes. Through this development work they are able to build renewed self-awareness and personal leadership skills enabling them to excel in authentic and values-based leadership and be better able to develop a purpose-led structure and culture within their organisations.