Customised programmes

Pragmatic solutions to bring organisations together through adversity.

Customised programmes

When a crisis strikes, it can bring out the best in organisations and their people. But it’s also hugely unsettling for everyone, from the boardroom to the tea room – and that can fester into an organisational risk if left.

Where there is volatility, there is opportunity – at both organisational and individual level.

That is why proactive, can-do organisation leaders turn to customised executive education programmes for insight, sanity, structure and long-lasting change.

You need trusted, experienced guides who bring pragmatic solutions to your organisations’ specific, unique challenges. The Møller Institute, founded by business pragmatists with academic roots, is the partner you’re looking for.

As the only executive education provider in Cambridge to offer an on-site residential experience, the Møller Institute’s multi-award-winning venue is the superior choice for organisations.

Recent Bespoke Executive Education

Applying 15 years’ of Executive Education experience, Møller Institute typically partners with HR Directors, Heads of Learning & Development, CEOs and other senior executives.

Recent challenges and transitions met through custom executive education programmes:

How to foster a positive culture, and bring together disparate teams with fraught relationships, following M&A activity

  • How to improve ‘soft skills’ previously overlooked in favour of technical know-how, which are crucial to this new transition phase of the organisation
  • How to take our existing skills and capabilities, and apply new frameworks for identifying competitive advantage in this volatile environment
  • How to smooth communication and enhance understanding among employees in a multi-generational workforce

Møller Institute develops deep, collaborative relationships with its custom programme clients and participants.

Unshackled from the ‘MBA mindset’, Møller Institute is trusted to propose the best routes to create long-lasting, impactful change tailored to each organisation’s unique circumstances.

What to Expect

As business pragmatists with academic roots, Møller Institute is optimally placed to co-create a high-impact leadership development programme that smooths the path to transformation for its clients. Click below for greater detail on what to expect from your experience with Møller Institute Executive Education.

A specialist Programme Director oversees the design, details and logistics of your programme, and is your main contact.

From the outset, your programme director will help you prioritise and clarify your custom executive education objective.

They can assist with needs analysis and will co-create with you a programme tailored to the unique context, challenges and catalyst facing your organisation.

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