Customised programmes

We typically partner with Heads of Learning & Development, CEOs and other senior executives to design and deliver bespoke and very practical executive education programmes for their current and future leaders.

Customised programmes

We work with clients to help them to understand their priorities in terms of transformational leadership development for different cohorts of talent. We seek to understand the context and challenges organisations are facing and co-create customised programmes that will help them fulfil their corporate and personal potential. Organisational challenges might include culture change, the need to innovate or developing higher performing teams.

We partner with clients to design inspiring high impact leadership development programmes that address specific business needs and deliver practical outcomes focused on improving organisational and individual potential.

We manage the entire education experience and work in partnership with clients to support the development of leaders before, during and after a programme in Cambridge. We carefully craft our programmes to allow for a mix of learning styles and to stimulate thought and discussion.

In creating your bespoke Executive Education programme, we look to bring your vision for learning and development to life. When we design our programmes we have three words in mind; insight, inspire and achieve.

  • Insight – Sourcing professional, expert and academic insight to provide relevant learning and development interventions to your leaders
  • Inspire – Inspiring your leaders to explore new avenues and leadership approaches and to challenge themselves and their thinking
  • Achieve – Delivering Executive Education programmes that drive individuals and organisations to achieve their goals and vision

We know we have succeeded in our leadership development work when or participants go back to their organisations with a renewed sense of purpose and enabled to provide long lasting and practical impact to their organisations.

Working with you

We work with you to ensure goals and objectives you would to achieve at met. To maximise the impact of the programme we work with you at all stages, from the initial design and development through to any post programme requirements.

Leadership development

We work with clients to help them to understand their priorities in terms of transformational leadership development for different cohorts of talent.

Our approach to learning

We provide high impact learning that sticks and encourages behavioural change in leaders and managers to accelerate performance in themselves and their organisations.

Programme design

At each stage of the design and delivery process, your executive education programme will be managed effectively by a specific Møller Institute team member.

Delivery and ongoing development

We have the flexibility and experience to make changes to suit your needs as they evolve. Through observation and feedback, we are able to adjust the delivery of programmes to suit your needs.

“Møller executive education programmes are immersive, engaging and inspiring whilst at the same time incredibly practical in nature. This unique approach helped me develop a deeper understanding of leadership and strategy and with new tools and knowledge to deploy increased my confidence in successfully leading high performing teams through significant periods of transition from print newspaper to a multi-channel media brands.”  (Linda Grant, Chairman, Linda attended programmes at Møller whilst Managing Director of Metro and an Executive Director at DMGT)

Linda Grant

6 January 2018

Over a number of years we have built up expertise in working closely with client organisations from both private and public sectors. We define ourselves through our highly flexible and personalised approach to co-creating high impact practical executive education programmes.