Learning in Cambridge

We bring together business and academia offering the highest standard of executive education to international businesses wishing to develop their leaders. You will enjoy the world-famous personalised Cambridge approach to small-group learning and supervision in an environment designed to inspire, transform and accelerate your performance.

Experiential immersion in a unique Cambridge learning environment

Cambridge offers a truly unique learning environment for executives – an inspiring place characterised by exploration and discovery.

The perception of Cambridge as steeped in history and boasting stunning ancient College architecture, immaculate green lawns and College gardens, and people punting down a quaint willow-fringed river, is accurate – but there is far more to it than this.

Cambridge is small enough to retain a community atmosphere, and yet it hosts a cosmopolitan and international mix of some of the world’s brightest academics and students. As a world-leading centre for knowledge and education, Cambridge draws from this wealth of intellect and creativity to fuel its thriving technology and biotech cluster (referred to as ‘Silicon Fen’).

Cambridge: Where billion-pound (£) companies grow

Our city has become known as the big little city where billion-pound companies are grown; Cambridge-founded arm, whose microchips power most of the world’s smartphone devices, secured a £24.3bn sale to Chinese SoftBank in 2016. The Raspberry Pi, another Cambridge-based innovation, has become the best-selling British computer.

Cambridge is a thriving entrepreneurial hub, home to 24,500 companies boasting a turnover of £35.6bn and employs 210,211 people. It has an established innovation ecosystem connecting investors, start-ups, multi-nationals and some of the world’s brightest brains emanating from the University of Cambridge.

The UK’s leading life-science research campus the Babraham Research Campus managed by Babraham Bioscience Technologies is based in Cambridge, as well as Microsoft Research and Amazon.

View the Cambridge Cluster in detail, here.

Our executive education programmes leverage this entrepreneurial foundation to provide enviable access to a range of Cambridge entrepreneurs and business leaders with for example twilight speaker sessions, who will share their leadership stories as well as business best practice.

Cambridge, a city of explorers and innovators

It is also a historic city, built by the Romans and familiar to Danes, Saxons and Normans. One of the pilgrims who set sail for America on the Mayflower was from Cambridge. Yet with all this history, Cambridge has nevertheless been the birthplace of some of the most recent scientific advances. Famous alumni of the University include the poets Milton, Tennyson, and Wordsworth; the scientists Darwin, Newton, Crick and Watson, and writers from Samuel Pepys to Clive James.

Leveraging Cambridge for you

Our team blends the best of the academic backdrop of the University with business practitioner input.  We offer an immersive Cambridge learning experience in the following ways:

  • Your dedicated Programme Director will deliver and ensure the highest leadership learning results alongside your bespoke programme team including Programme Manager, Coaches, Facilitators, Møller Associates and highly service-oriented Møller Operational staff
  • Exceptional and sought-after academic speakers from different subject areas and backgrounds from across the University of Cambridge to inform relevant parts of your programme
  • Customised talks and other opportunities to interact with leading Cambridge entrepreneurs providing invaluable networking opportunities in addition to fascinating business and leadership insights
  • Social and cultural elements of your programme for participants to understand and be fully integrated with the inspirational collegiate setting of Churchill College at the University of Cambridge
  • Exclusive access to private dining in historic and contemporary College settings where discussions with colleagues, peer participants and invited guests will continue the learning experience beyond the classroom
  • The world famous personalised Cambridge approach to small-group learning.