The Importance of Executive Wellbeing

Wellbeing is a key element of The Explorer Mindset senior leadership development programme. Organisations, responding to an increasingly complex, competitive and unpredictable environment, are demanding their people do more with less – and leaders are no exception.

While successful executive leaders have long acknowledged the benefits of ensuring their top physical wellbeing is nurtured, there is now greater understanding of the importance of positive psychological wellbeing and resilience, to ensure both individual and organisational robust health.

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Executive Wellbeing – A Business Critical Issue

Resilience and wellbeing are becoming an increasingly vital part of any leaders’ overall business strategy, a crucial ingredient to creating a motivated, committed and high-energy culture and environment.

Without executive wellbeing – and with senior management and leaders acting as pivotal role models for the health and culture of any organisation – the business risks are stark.

The Centre for Mental Health calculated that presenteeism from mental ill health alone costs the UK economy £15.1 billion per year, while absenteeism costs £8.4 billion*. Mobile technology, global competitiveness, and financial pressures from the recent recession are ratcheting up workplace pressures, with inherent risks of lost productivity and disengagement.

In addition, workforce demographics are changing, with five generations working side-by-side for the first time in history; older workers’ wellbeing in the workplace is a business-critical issue.

This challenge collides with changing employee expectations around the nature of work and the workplace environment and culture. Organisations’ values and principles are becoming important factors in recruitment and retention.

Wellbeing – The Explorer Mindset Programme

The Explorer Mindset, a unique senior leadership development programme has embedded the theory and practice of wellbeing into its intensive residential programme. Devised and delivered by exceptionally experienced fitness experts, an optional wellbeing and fitness programme has been integrated into The Explorer Mindset executive education course.

The Møller Centre – prized for its high-quality architecture, art, design and award-winning academic venue – through this wellbeing and fitness programme provides an optimum environment for senior management and leaders to consider how they prioritise and incorporate and physical and psychological wellbeing into their management agendas.

With the clear business case for nurturing executive wellbeing, smart managers and leaders acknowledge that wellbeing not only makes them a better organisational leader, but makes their lives and the lives of those around them will also be happier, healthier and more meaningful as a result.

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* Economic and social costs of mental health problems, Centre for Mental Health.