Leadership development coaching

Leadership development coaching is placed at the heart of The Explorer Mindset programme. Møller Executive Education has extensive capabilities and experience in the area of executive and leadership development coaching, at both individual and organisational levels.

Leadership development is essential for organisations to achieve business growth and to deliver results in line with challenging objectives. A survey by the Institute of Leadership & Management found that 95% of organisations that embraced coaching “saw direct benefits to the organisation”, and 96% for benefits to the individual.

Such workplace benefits included “improvements in communication and interpersonal skills, leadership and management, conflict resolution, personal confidence, attitudes and motivation, management performance as well as preparation for a new role or promotion”*.

Do you employ an Explorer Mindset in your approach to leadership?

Coaching for Key Organisational Challenges

The leadership development coaching focuses on the following key areas, which executive participants are most likely to face in their leadership practice:

  • Personal transformation through improved self-belief, confidence and resilience
  • Adopting a different, positive leadership mindset to engage effectively and influence stakeholders with greater impact
  • Handling and optimising career transitions or leadership hand-overs
  • Honing core leadership skills such as impact, engagement, personal brand and communication to be a more inspirational team leader
  • Organisational transformation and bringing about positive change in culture through engaging and effective people leadership

Ongoing Leadership Development Coaching

The Explorer Mindset participants will benefit from coaching support following the completion of a customised diagnostic tool prior to starting Module One of the programme. This is designed to help participants develop increased self-awareness, with the ability and the will to adapt and change according to ‘360’ feedback.

Individual coaching and team coaching will also be integrated during, between and after the two modules of The Explorer Mindset programme. Delivered by carefully selected and highly experienced coaches from the Møller team, the approach to coaching will be highly integrative to deliver maximum effect.

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