Møller-Burns lecture series

September 2017 saw the first Møller-Burns Lecture delivered at the Møller Centre by Dr. Bobby Austin, President of Neighborhood Associates Corporation and Managing Director of the CRP Education Think Tank. Bobby’s Lecture, Kinship and Community formed part of the launch of the Møller Institute being the official home of the James MacGregor Burns Academy of Leadership.

Bobby shared his views on transforming the mind for public kinship and the journey to discovering self / personal leadership, that is, taking responsibility and ownership for what is to take place.

Bobby is pictured below with Prof. Georgia Sorenson and Gillian Secrett.

Dr. Bobby William Austin

Bobby William Austin is President of Neighborhood Associates Corporation and Managing Director of the CRP Education Think Tank. He is Mahatma Gandhi Fellow of the American Academy of Political and Social Sciences, former Chair of Congressman Danny Davis’ (D—Ill.) Taskforce on the State of Black Men in America, former Executive Director of the African American Men and Boys Initiative of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, and a consultant on American Common Culture to the Chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities. He also convened Citizens Diplomats on Race and Xenophobia (an outcome of meetings under the patronage of Kofi Annan, former Secretary General of the United Nations).

Dr. Austin is the author of Repairing the Breach: Key Ways to Support Family Life, Reclaim our Streets, and Rebuild Civil Society in America’s Communities; I’ll Make Me a World: Bringing Wholeness to Fractured Lives After 9/11; and Acacia Strategy, five essays on contemporary American education. He is also a PEN/Faulkner Writer in Schools participant for his fiction book, Circus Clowns and Carnival Animals. He was the Creative Producer of “Juba,” an award-winning children’s folklore program, and hosted the national internet radio program “American Voices.” With Joy Ford Austin, he is the writer and producer of Frederick Douglass, a docudrama presented at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington DC.

He taught at Georgetown University and served as Vice President at the University of the District of Columbia, where he was involved with the consolidation of DC’s post-secondary education system into UDC. He also served in the critical role of Staff Director/Editor of the District of Columbia Statehood Constitutional Convention. He was a Program Officer at the W.K. Kellogg Foundation and President of the Village Foundation. He was named to the General Hal Moore Chair on Contemplative Leadership at the Thomas Merton Institute.

He was a member of the University of Maryland’s Leadership Scholars Project, led by James MacGregor Burns and Georgia Sorenson, and presented at the Salzburg Seminars on Cultural Leadership and Common Culture. He gave the keynote address at the Harvard Graduate School of Education’s “Revisiting Repairing the Breach: The Way Forward for African American Males” Conference. He is also founder and editor of the Urban League Review. He received the prestigious W.K. Kellogg Fellowship, and went on to become Assistant Director of the Fellowship Program. He has been named one of 50 African Americans who changed Academia and a “History Maker,” as well as to Outstanding Young Men of America and Who’s Who in Black America.

Dr. Austin has written widely on the concepts and practice of Contemplative Leadership, Cultural Leadership, Educational Leadership, Public Trust, Civic Storytelling, Common Culture, and Public Kinship, a concept he created. He received his education at McMaster University (Ontario, Canada), Fisk University, and Western Kentucky University, and earned a diploma in Education Management from Harvard University.