Artificial intelligence and leadership

In the new digital era — powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning — businesses face a fundamentally different leadership challenge. Leaders will need to create new organisational narratives about the nature of work, the roles humans and machines play integrated teams, and address the emotional needs of their followers during exponential change.

Given the evolving organizational landscape, our team sought to answer the following questions:

  • How has Artificial Intelligence (AI) transformed strategy and operations in knowledge organisations?
  • What do leaders and knowledge workers need to do in order to effectively integrate AI into their organisations?

Mike Mister , Partner at the Møller Institute, and alumni of the James MacGregor Burns Academy of Leadership were part of a transatlantic team that interviewed nearly 40 people, in the United States and United Kingdom, including senior business leaders, professional advisers, and academics researching the application of AI in knowledge organizations.  The findings were presented at the 2018 International Leadership Association (ILA) Global Conference.

This paper provides a brief overview of our findings, our recommendations for leaders, and our future plans.

AI and Leadership Research Summary

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