What do business leaders in Cambridge feel about the EU?

Posted: 7th June 2016

As the EU referendum voting date draws nearer (June 23rd), here’s what UK business leaders (25% of whom were from Cambridge) had to say on the EU and its impact on business.

The research, conducted by Price Bailey in conjunction with Ipsos MORI, was part of a survey of 200 business leaders from Cambridge, Hertfordshire, Norwich and London and covered a range of topics including business prospects and planning, as well as the EU.

Price Bailey recently showcased the findings of this research to Cambridge business leaders at the Møller Centre. The event ignited rigorous debate from both camps highlighting where Brexit might be valuable and where it might not. As you can see in the graphic below, overwhelmingly 74% of the Cambridge business leaders said they would vote to remain in the EU.

EU Referendum infographic - What do business owners feel about the EU

Download the full report containing all the research