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Customer Service Feedback – Q4 target smashed

Picture of the Venue Verdict Gold Standard icon for 2018

The Møller team exceeded its customer service target for October – December 2018. We achieved Gold Standard from VenueVerdict, part of BVA BDRC, one of the UK’s largest independent market research consultancies. BVA BDRC calculate our Net Promoter Score which measures willingness to recommend us to others.

Our target is +86, we achieved +88.

Over the calendar year of 2018, we achieved an Net Promoter Score of +79 which is also Gold Standard.

Speaking to Møller News, Gillian Secrett, CEO said, “This recognition highlights our commitment to consistently delivering exceptional customer service and the customer being at the heart of everything we do. I would like to extend a personal thank you to the entire team for all their hard work, professional and friendly support of our clients both across the venue and executive education.”

For more information visit the BVA BDRC website

Net Promoter Score is not a percentage, it can range from -100 (all clients are detractors) to +100 (all clients are promoters. It is not a direct measure of satisfaction per se as it is based on the “Likelihood to Recommend” question (more details at

The VenueVerdict Gold Standard Accreditation is given to those properties recording a twelve-month Net Promoter Score of +70 or higher from Business Event Host responses in the twelve month period January to December 2018. Furthermore, each twelve-month period requires 40+ responses with at least ten responses per calendar quarter, or 50+ responses with at least ten responses in three calendar quarters and at least one response in the remaining calendar quarter.