Picture to represent the human brain

Webinar: The highly influential daily tool for better results

Join us for this webinar, ‘The highly influential daily tool for better results’, which will explain how inspiring organisations around the world are using neuroscience to develop their people.

We will unpack some of the ways market leaders are choosing to embed insights to improve people development, and you will leave with one of the most beneficial tools we introduce to companies for performance. This tool that you use daily can be much better harnessed for results. There is something that all your people already do every day that could be either hindering them or helping them.

In this webinar, we will explore the science behind this tool and how you can use it more intentionally. The results can be dramatic due to the corresponding neural shifts.

There will also be a chance for you to ask any questions about our upcoming powerhouse of a programme, “Applied Neuroscience for Better Business”.

Webinar details

Date: Thursday 13 January 2022
Time: 12:00-12:45 (UK time)
Price: Free of charge