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Webinar: Executive Coaching to enable purpose-driven leadership

In an increasingly connected world where challenges and existential questions seem more and more frequent, it is easy to feel disconnected. When this is combined with the responsibility of leading organisations, it’s crucial that executives stay aligned with their own purpose and lead organisations in a meaningful way to enable wide-reaching positive change.

As an executive coach, you might already be supporting executives to navigate some of these business issues, so how can coaches go one step deeper and help executives stand by, or maybe even discover, their purpose amidst such challenges? Coaches can do profound and transformative work alongside driven and energetic leaders that provides deeper meaning to an executive’s role.

Join us to discuss how, as a coach, you can enable purpose-driven leadership when coaching executives. This webinar will explore purpose from both the coach and client perspective and give you some thought-provoking insights that are explored more deeply in our Cambridge Advanced Executive Coaching Programme.

Webinar details

Date: Friday 7 January, 2022
Time: 12:00-12:45 (UK time)
Price: Free of charge