Making an Impact as a Non-Executive Director

This one-day programme explores the transition from CEO and senior executive roles to Non-Executive directorships. We will help you understand the different contribution you can make as a Non-Executive and how to maximise your impact and effectiveness.

How to catalyse great outcomes through board level contribution

The most effective Non-Executive directors understand that a balance of hard-headedness and sensitivity is necessary to support and challenge company executives. They recognise that good relationships and effective communication, as well as independence of mind, are key to questioning, analysing, and influencing sound decision-making.

The programme provides senior executives moving into Non-Executive roles with access to experienced Non-Executive directors, an opportunity to explore a Non-Executive identity, and a toolkit for taking on a Non-Executive role. The one day programme will enable participants to:

  • Explore their motivation for taking a Non-Executive role
  • Recognise the necessary skills to develop to succeed as a Non-Executive
  • Refresh their ‘personal brand’ in transitioning to another identity as a Non-Executive
  • Consider the due diligence aspects of accepting a Non-Executive role
  • Practice specialist skills through role play
  • Clarify the success criteria for a Non-Executive role, including knowing when to leave

Facilitator James Butler and Ruth Berry. James has worked extensively on the transition from an executive role to a non-executive role. Having started his career in professional services he is now an experienced non-executive Director and Chairman. He is currently a non-executive Director of Zurich Assurance and Chairman of Endsleigh Insurance Services. Ruth has 20 years’ experience in leadership development, teaching diverse and dynamic management executive education courses for multinationals, such as Royal Dutch Shell, and world-leading business schools. Ruth’s leadership work focuses on personal effectiveness, communication, leading change management and personal leadership awareness and development.