Developing clients and markets

Professional service firms face a very unsettled marketplace. Many surveys predict flat demand at a time when overheads, particularly salaries, are rising. This means that firms face challenges in:

  • Growing income, which means taking work off competitors (at a time when their competitors are trying to do the same thing)
  • Holding onto their key clients
  • Improving margins
  • Finding new markets and new clients
  • We see this as a leadership issue. What is needed is for a transformation in key client relationships, away from supplier and buyer, past client relationship management and into client leadership.

This involves a meeting of client and their professionals as equals. It is the most effective defence against aggressive buying behaviours and procurement, and takes the relationship to a new level. One where the client sees that they have as much to gain from this new relationship as the professional service firm, and where the client becomes invested in the success of the relationship. It means jointly creating a future vision of the relationship and then working together on a road map to deliver it.

We organise workshops for many of the world’s largest law and accounting firms, addressing issues like:

  • The psychology of services buying – how do clients choose?
  • Growth without selling – how the best professionals build bigger client relationships
  • Business development for introverts
  • Understanding the process – what are the steps in creating growth from a client
  • Segmenting clients – identifying the best opportunities for you
  • Networking for growth, both online and real world

Programmes run between half a day, and two days, and use a variety of formats, including the use of “Practice Clients” – people who occupy the buying position in real life, who can share their experiences and can coach partners through the process.

All programmes include the opportunity for after care – supporting partners in putting their ideas into practice through coaching, mentoring and group sessions to share their learning and experiences.