In an environment characterised by downward client cost pressure, the real threat of technological and marketplace disruption, and increased competition for high value services, professional service firms must continuously find new ways to create competitive advantage.

  • The most successful firms will be those that can effectively identify emerging client needs before their competitors
  • Rapidly develop and launch new solutions that clients and their people really value
  • Challenge the status quo and experiment with new business models, policies and approaches both internally and with clients
  • Tap into the collective creativity and insight of their people

One approach that some of the world’s most forward-looking firms are adopting to drive continuous innovation is design thinking. It is a “human-centred” approach that starts with understanding people, and applies creative tools such as visualisation, storytelling, rapid prototyping and experimentation to arrive at more innovative solutions to challenges facing clients, the firm and its people.

Our team is unique in that we possess deep professional service firm experience as well as having worked with many of the world’s most innovative corporates including Amazon, ebay, Sony Playstation, Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson, and many others. This allows us to bring a fresh perspective to the world of professional service firms while also understanding the unique delivery-driven cultures that exist within them.

In our innovation-focused work across sectors, we have helped our clients to:

  • Create new revenue streams
  • Achieve cost savings through internal process innovation
  • Develop and test prototype solutions jointly with clients and partners
  • Increase agility and innovative capacity
  • Improve employee engagement and ability to contribute to bottom line results

We apply this approach in workshops (1-3 days) , multi-month innovation projects, as well as short accelerated design sprints to help firms tackle some of their most critical strategic challenges.

We also help firms develop this capability within their own people and teams through a range of tailored training and leadership development programmes. We also use a several distinctive, digital solutions that can help firms to innovate, as well as become more innovative:

  • Sprintbase™ is a cloud-hosted collaborative platform built for design thinking innovation projects. Using intelligent process automation and intuitive workspaces rich with expert tips, tools and templates; Sprintbase™ enables virtual teams to apply design thinking with confidence and create meaningful impact.
  • ExperienceInnovation™, built in collaboration with celebrated design consultancy IDEO, is an expert-guided workshop that enables your people to build innovation confidence and competence. In an engaging half-day tech-enabled workshop, teams tackle a realistic design challenge while applying the three phases of design thinking: inspiration, ideation and implementation.