Uday Phadke

Dr. Uday Phadke


Dr Uday Phadke’s experience spans three key areas: commercial firms enabled by science and technology, academic research and teaching in technology and business, and the design and promotion of national and international innovation initiatives. His primary strength is in creating and delivering vision-based change underpinned by detailed analysis.

Honours and Awards

FRSA (Fellowship of the Royal Society of Arts)

Professional Experience

MA Engineering at Trinity College, Cambridge followed by a PhD at the University of Sussex where he also held an industry-funded Research Fellowship. Founder-Director at: Generics, the Cambridge product development and technology consulting, several technology businesses, including an investment company, a research and analysis business and a strategy consulting firm. Founder of Cartezia, which has been in the vanguard of European technology business-builders, helping to build over 100 companies in the last 20 years. Cartezia works with a number of the most innovative large corporations on the creation and execution of strategies and new product and service development enabled by advances in science and technology. Founding Chairman of AcceleratorIndia, which focuses on cross-border commercialisation.

Active in collaboration and teaching between academia and the commercial world. Entrepreneur in Residence at the Judge Business School at Cambridge University from 2011-2016. He has worked extensively across Europe, Asia and North America, including Technology Strategy Programmes for the EU Framework Programme and the Conference Board in the United States and Innovation Programmes in India for the CSIR. He was a Charter Member of TIE, the Global Entrepreneurship and Mentoring organisation and still teaches and mentors from time-to-time at the Universities of Bristol, Cambridge, Cranfield, Oxford, Southampton and York.


Dr Phadke is the lead author of ‘Camels, Tigers & Unicorns: Rethinking Science and Technology-enabled Innovation’, published in April 2017. The book addresses the gap in understanding how science and technology-enabled concepts, products, and services are converted into commercial value, and provides a blueprint for Industrial Strategy Development.

His latest book, The Scale-up Manual: Handbook for Innovators, Entrepreneurs, Teams and Firms: 1 was published in 2018.  Buy it now.

Uday’s comments on The Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts ‘Move fast and fix things’ report can be viewed here.

Dr Phadke discusses scale-up at the Advanced Engineering Congress in Birmingham on 1st Nov 2017