Picture of Deborah Meehan

Deborah Meehan

Visiting Leadership Scholar

Executive Director, Leadership Learning Community, Oakland, California.

Deborah is the founder and executive director of the Leadership Learning Community (LLC) a learning network of over 4,500 people who run, fund and study leadership development. LLC challenges traditional thinking about leadership and how it is developed promoting models that are more inclusive, networked and collective. Deborah has over 20 years of experience in the leadership development field. She created a consulting services arm of LLC and has conducted evaluations for national and international leadership programs, produced leadership scans and literature reviews, worked with program staff and graduates to map and activate graduate networks; and made leadership program design recommendations on behalf of 30 foundations that include a broad range of small, large, regional, state and prominent national foundations. She has been the lead on four collaborative research publications on race, networks, collective impact and larger scale change.

Deborah graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Psychology. Prior to founding LLC, Deborah worked in the field of disability rights and employment. She was launched into the leadership field as a Kellogg National Leadership Fellow. Deborah and her two adult daughters are proud residents of Oakland, CA where they enjoy easy access to the ocean, redwood forests, great food and diverse cultures.