The Cambridge Elements Series

The James MacGregor Burns Academy of Leadership is the research arm of the Møller Institute and extends our reach and reputation through a number of projects including The Cambridge Elements Series, a new journal published by Cambridge University Press, co-edited by Professor Georgia Sorenson, Møller Leadership Scholar and Ron Riggio, psychologist and leadership scholar, and in partnership with the International Leadership association.

The series will feature up-to-date peer-reviewed articles, particularly those that stimulate research on, and practice of, leadership. In addition, it will include synopses of important collaborative research projects, such as updates from the GLOBE studies of leadership in several dozen nations and societies.  A Special Issues Series will focus on leadership studies in the professions, such as Medicine, Nursing, Law and others.

The Cambridge Elements series in Leadership will aim to publish 30 to 40 peer-reviewed, substantial (20-30,000-word) articles over a five-year period.

Areas to be covered include:

  • Inclusive Leadership
  • Populist Leadership
  • Implicit Leadership Theories
  • Charismatic and Transformational Leadership
  • Leadership and Culture
  • Gender and Leadership
  • Purpose-led Leadership
  • Invisible Leadership
  • Cross-national Leadership (Culture and Business)
  • Special Topics: Leadership in The Professions: Law; Medicine; Nursing; Pharmacy; Architecture; Public Policy
  • Networked and Virtual Leadership
  • New Directions in Leadership Development
  • Leadership and Neuroscience