Recent initiatives

Recent sustainability initiatives

Here are some initiatives we have recently implemented to improve sustainability, and the client experience at the Møller Institute last year:


  • Our commitment to sustainability/protecting the environment is included within the Møller Institute’s Business Plan
  • The Møller Institutes environmental objectives are reported to our Board of Directors each quarter
  • The Møller Institute has one trained BSI – ISO 14001 internal Auditor on-site (a second was trained up in September)


  • Switched over to LED lighting system
  • Occupancy and daylight sensor lighting has also been introduced into appropriate areas of the building
  • Un-needed furniture, building supplies and equipment were donated for re-use elsewhere
  • Introduction of an on-site recycling programme for all waste items including paper, plastic, metal, glass, cardboard, newspaper, fluorescent bulbs, toner cartridges, electronics, mobile phones and batteries etc.
  • Introduction of clearly labelled recycling stations in guest areas (lobby/reception area, guest floors, recreation areas, food and beverage service and vending areas) and back-of-house (front desk, kitchen, offices, staff rooms) that are clearly marked and easy to use


  • We started to use Fairtrade/Rain Forest Alliance teas and coffees
  • All coffee ground waste is now recycled and used to produce fire logs.
  • The Institute has it’s own herb garden to source from
  • Suppliers are asked to source products with little or no packaging or to take back packaging for recycling or reuse.
  • Products are purchased in bulk to reduce the amount of packaging. Where packaging is necessary, there is a request for recyclable materials
  • Our food menus change daily helping us to reduce food waste and take advantage of promoting local, seasonal produce
  • Organic ingredients are used wherever feasible and free range chicken, eggs and meat, along with seafood sourced from sustainable fisheries, are incorporated into menus
  • Vegetarian meal selections are now always available
  • All fish served to guests are included on the list of sustainable fishing (national list or on the WWF list)


  • Where possible, we now use paperless sales, marketing materials and invoicing
  • We offer paper free events (SMART Board and iPads)
  • All materials are now printed on material from well-managed FSC® certified forests and recycled materials.
  • We have switched from using gummed note pads, with a cardboard backing in the meeting rooms to having reams of single sheet paper. This has massively reduced wastage.

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