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Alex Bigot

Executive Chef

Picture of Alex Bigot Moller Chef

Being in Alex’s company is as reassuring, calming and irresistible as the aroma of baking bread. This should be no surprise given his baking background and is why, over the last 20 years under his considered stewardship, the Møller Institute kitchen team have fed, and nutritionally inspired over 250,000 executives at the Møller Institute to understand the role that exciting, varied and healthy food plays in the learning and development experience, particularly for those who spend a number of days with us.

The son and grandson of hard working artisan French baker in Maillé, west of France, Alex was raised in his father’s bakery. Aged just 14, Alex started an Apprenticeship in Patisserie and Confectionery, qualifying in 1991, and arrived in Cambridge aged 17, via a European Exchange Programme. Alex worked as a pastry chef in a small bakery near the Grafton Centre, then later in a café near the Round Church. His thirst for knowledge took him back to France and Germany for a two year spell studying professional Bakery and Business Management. He returned to Cambridge in 1996 to manage a French Brasserie on Hills Road and arrived at Møller in 1998 to bring us the benefit of his catering leadership and hunger for success.

Instilled in him from an early age, Alex’s values of commitment, teamwork and developing people are a far cry from the tabloid stereotype of the loud and aggressive chef. A quiet, focused and deep-thinker, Alex has a passion for quality and focus, and nurtured his kitchen team at Møller for over 20 years sharing knowledge and experience by lecturing and mentoring catering students both at Møller and at Cambridge Regional College. Two of his current team are past students from Cambridge Regional College.

To keep their menu and skills fresh and up-to-date, Alex and his team regularly travel the world for recipe inspiration, their most memorable was a trip with the Møller China team to Beijing and a recent trip as guests of the Maersk Leadership Centre in Denmark to experience exquisite cuisine, Danish style, soon to be followed by a visit from their team to our kitchen.

Alex’s attention to detail at Møller comes from an understanding of the learning journey, he always finds the time to explain to busy executives and event planners that food and drink in a learning and development environment is more than simply providing an exciting culinary experience. His team’s educational mission is that delegates leave us with a better understanding that food is a vital ingredient in the recipe of business success – the right nourishment, that provides stable blood sugar levels and expertly mixes food groups can have a significantly positive effect on attention span, fatigue levels, recall, memory and imagination – ensuring delegates remain sharp, focused and able to achieve their full potential whilst with us.

There is no need for any icing on the cake in this story,  just the wholesome ingredients of Alex’s experience, training and business acumen blended together with his attitude and approach. His passion is the heat of the oven, a gentle, considered heat, allowing his team to rise just as dough, and with Alex’s recipe for success they rise perfectly every time.

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