Scenario Strategy

Are you looking to increase your ability to:

  • be empowered for any eventuality?
  • pre-think the possible futures of your organisation?
  • develop agility and flexibility that will help your organisation sail through difficult times?
  • be ready for innovation and change so as to always stay one step ahead of your competitors?
  • have success and impact?

If so, our Scenario Strategy Practical Facilitated Workshop will introduce you to the theory of scenario planning and then give you a number of very practical tools to envisage a range of futures that your organisation might face and robust strategies to deliver results in different scenarios. Our programme design team will work closely with you to understand your business and design a highly practical and bespoke programme focusing on real life issues for your organisation and/or industry sector. This approach means that the business benefits to you are immediate and real.

Scenario Strategy is one of a series of bespoke educational Practical Facilitated Workshops for senior teams looking to achieve continuous innovation and growth by equipping themselves with the tools to think and work differently.

Our Practical Facilitated Workshops are fast-paced, highly interactive and guarantee practical impact.