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Sustainability is the responsibility of everyone, every day. Our people, teaching team, customers, suppliers and contractors work together to tackle sustainability, compliance, ethics and environmental responsibility. We also develop mindsets and decision making skills of leaders in the face of competing and conflicting sustainability challenges.

Our Sustainable Ethos

Our commitment to sustainability goes to the core of our Purpose: “To inspire individuals to be the best they can be, to accelerate the performance of the organisations which they serve and have a positive impact on society and the environment. Through our work, we covenant all profits to Churchill College to support the education of future leaders.”

The Møller Institute is fully committed to minimising the environmental impact of its activities and services by meeting all legislative, regulatory and legal requirements, and preventing pollution.

This includes the setting of clear, realistic objectives and measuring progress towards this goal.

Sustainable Initiatives

Below is just a selection of some initiatives in place at Møller Institute to contribute towards out sustainability commitment.

  • We have now switched over to an LED lighting system.
  • Occupancy and daylight sensor lighting has also been introduced into appropriate areas of the building.
  • An on-site recycling programme has been introduced for all waste items including paper, plastic, metal, glass, cardboard, newspaper, toner cartridges, batteries etc.

Our Commitment

The Møller Institute team have enthusiasm for sustainability initiatives, this include our commitment to having a positive impact on the environment and focus on environmental measures such as waste, carbon and water management, recycling and food sourcing.

The team supports the measuring  of sustainability KPI’s to track, manage, control and continually improve the sustainability level across our business and each department is committed to sourcing and purchasing environmentally responsible products and services.

The hard work carried out by the team at Møller Institute also helped us to achieve:

  • Gold accreditation by Green Tourism.
  • IACC Green star certification

A Sustainable Focus

The Environmental Management System provides a framework to manage the Institute's focus on the following:

Using the Environmental Agency for guidance, we have identified our specific requirements and have procedures in place to ensure we are meeting them.