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How Does Hybrid Working Rhyme with Nordic Leadership?

Abstract Sometimes, I’m asked what the essence of Nordic Leadership is. The obvious answer is trust. Trust in yourself, trust in others and trust in the institutions. But it must go both ways. One anecdote excellently exemplifies this. A journalist asked an 8-year-old Danish boy, “Do you respect your teacher?”....

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Only Leadership Development can save the world!

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Escaping the Sameness Trap: Inclusiveness and Innovation

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Innovation and the inner world of a leader

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Developing your Ambiguity Tolerance as a Leader in the Post-vaccine World


Ignore the hype, brace for blockchain impact

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How our brain deals with new ideas

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Artificial Intelligence and Healthcare: From Sci-Fi to Reality

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Could Covid change how we innovate?

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Leading Mental Health in the Workplace

What’s that you say?

What’s that you say?

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