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What Every Young Leader Needs to Know: Managing Your Personal Brand

Ever wonder what the people in the room say about you after you’ve left the meeting? Can you influence what they should say, and if so, where do you start? As the creator of a leadership programme “Developing Your Leadership Brand” for executives at all levels, I’m often asked how...

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Identifying Step Goals in Support of Your Goal

Identifying Step Goals in Support of Your Goal

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Purpose, Empathy and Meaning

Corpus Christi College, New Court

Why Choose Cambridge For Your Business Meeting?

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Quiet Ego Leadership

7 September 2021

Only Leadership Development can save the world!

The world needs just one thing to survive. More leaders. Which means one thing we need to do more of is leadership development. It’s the only way forward. Does that sound absurd to you? It’s not surprising: there are too many issues to count which threaten our global existence; if…

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7 Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Delegates Engaged

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Why a Clear Purpose Matters?

Conference Venue

What makes a good conference venue?

What gives your life meaning

Getting Personal

Picture of 5 rules for embedding purpose in an organisation

5 rules for embedding purpose in your organisation

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Universal lessons from Army leadership

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