Accelerate your performance

Our team will equip you and your teams to be agile and resilient, to innovate and succeed, and to accelerate the performance of your organisation. We focus on leadership, strategy and innovation, partnering with clients to co-create inspiring, impactful programmes that embed leadership behaviours to influence engagement, performance and culture.

Executive Education

You have achieved so much, you are proud of your accomplishments, it has been an exhilarating journey but – you want more. You deserve more.

You want a re-set, a new challenge, a fresh perspective. Your organisation needs a pivot, workable solutions for shifting business challenges, a guiding light to cut through the fog.

Founded by business pragmatists with academic roots, Møller Institute delivers implementable, high-impact executive leadership development programmes that are game-changing to both individuals and organisations.

Møller Institute programme satisfaction rating, 2019: 4.8/5.0

Redefine your potential

We all need to feel that what we do matters. But with a never-ending to-do list and not enough hours in the day, it can be hard to find breathing space.

An executive education programme gives you this crucial time and space.

Time to re-asses, to gain perspective, to break routine and step outside your familiar environments. These are the short-cuts to greater creativity, to solution-finding, to replenished confidence, energy and drive.

From increased self-fulfillment to leveraging your experience to take your career to that next level, Møller Institute’s executive leadership development programmes help you accelerate your professional trajectory.

“A year from now you may wish you had started today.”
– Karen Lamb

Scale your impact

Where you’re going, you need more than standard management wisdom.

You have forged the business skills, experience and capabilities to excel to this point, whether individually or as an organisation. Now, a new, more nuanced skillset is required.

Today’s demands are myriad and complex, be they workforce, marketplace or economic challenges. Whether building organisational resilience, resolving team friction points or sharpening your laser focus, you can’t afford to postpone this essential work.

In partnership with CEOs, Heads of Learning & Development and other senior executives, Møller Institute designs and delivers powerful programmes that ‘move the needle’ to where you need it to be.

These impactful executive leadership development programmes embed leadership behaviours to influence engagement, performance and culture – now and for a sustainable future.

You are the catalyst.

Current Client Collaborations

Applying 15 years’ of Executive Education experience, Møller Institute is a collaborative partner to the organisations and individuals it works with. Some current collaborations:

  • How to transition a Blue-chip multinational business from a lean approach to agile/fail-fast organisational culture
  • How to embed a sustained culture of innovation amid a volatile, unsettled environment
  • How to ensure formal corporate governance procedures for a business accurately influence desired behaviours
  • How to smooth communication and enhance understanding among employees in a multi-generational workforce

Trusted to propose the best routes to help them create long-lasting, impactful change, Møller Institute develops deep, trusting relationships with its clients and programme participants.

Learning in Cambridge

Success Stories

Our open programmes bring together a fusion of practical and creative leadership development underpinned by evidence based intellectual thinking.

4* On-Site Accommodation

Meet the team

Designed to inspire

Nestled in the grounds of historic Churchill College at the University of Cambridge, the Møller Institute is the only executive education provider in Cambridge to offer an on-site residential experience.

The multi-award-winning academic venue combines high-quality architecture, art and Danish-inspired design to provide a truly creative and uplifting space within which to learn and collaborate.