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Seamlessly integrate the advantages of video conferencing

video conferencing in meeting room

The ubiquity of workplace technology means we don’t always notice how it makes our lives easier. The advantages of video conferencing are robust, working both alongside and as a proxy to face-to-face in-person meetings.

Video conferencing has improved productivity, cut travel costs, enabled flexible working and made communication with overseas or remote-based staff simpler.

But video conferencing is not always hassle-free. Amid the tidal wave of daily digital communication, the benefits of face-to-face meetings hold true.

The advantages of video conferencing

Whether it’s from desktop computer, technology-enabled meeting room or even smartphone, use of video conferencing is commonplace today.

Improved technology means call failure rates have been reduced and more employees see the benefits of video conferencing because better software makes it easier and more reliable to use.

Research suggests there are more intangible benefits too, such as fostering creativity, nurturing teamwork and speeding up innovation.

And by reducing the need to travel, companies save money on staff transport and accommodation costs.

Digital-to-human deficit

Cutting unnecessary travel by holding events internally or encouraging staff to use video conferencing makes sense. However, over-reliance on the technology could have the opposite effect on employee engagement.

There’s simply no substitute for face-to-face personal interactions. Whether meeting clients or colleagues, developing and nurturing a bond with someone is much harder via a screen.

In fact, scientific research purports that face-to-face communication enhances persuasion, engagement and leadership. In this way, video conferencing can be considered a pathway to face-to-face meetings, or a necessary adjunct to team meetings.

Bridging the digital divide

Offsite meetings naturally ignite higher levels of engagement and attention from attendees, free from daily distractions and predictable environmental norms.

Selecting a venue that can scale to the needs of any meeting and which allow event organisers to tap into the advantages of video conferencing, providing a vital link for overseas or remote-working staff, can pay real dividends.

Ensuring the off-site meeting venue has a dedicated technology team – on hand, around the clock – provides reassurance of a glitch-free and seamlessly integrated video conferencing experience for all participants.