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Six magical lessons in leadership from the Explorer Mindset programme

Picture of Ruth at Moller Institute

I have just had the pleasure of spending almost a week at the Møller Institute with a remarkable bunch of people on the Explorer Mindset, most of whom I had never met before.

The Explorer Mindset programme was, yet again, one of the most uplifting and fulfilling experiences of my life, and I am curious why?

Well, here are a few magical things I have noticed.

People are struggling

Many of us are navigating our way through this life looking for what we are ‘for’, what makes us happy and we are all looking for a way to make sense of it all, and to have the chance to put a brake on everything just to see where the hell we actually are.
Lesson 1 – let’s make space for people to ask themselves these questions and just stop the clock now and again. And then listen to what they say, and try to help them with this.

People can be actually truly nice

If you take the time and trouble to create a safe space; if you role model love, fairness, kindness and tolerance then others will naturally follow. We are accustomed to being quick to judge – why? Many haven’t had the gifts we have been so fortunate to have, so why do we not cut them some slack? Why write them off?
Lesson 2 – really practice forgiveness and allowing. Please….?

People have huge potential to help others

It’s immense, our capacity to listen and to lend our brains to someone else’s problems….why don’t we create the opportunities to do this more? I just don’t get it. Build in practices to enable this.
Lesson 3 – we get one life – let’s share our wisdom with humility and share it out. It’s actually an enjoyable mental work out to ponder someone else’s problem and our unique angle on this could be the thing that unlocks everything. Wow.

The world is hard right now

We are disastrously not noticing what we are allowing to happen to our world. We cannot let our attention drift. Our children and their children do not deserve this. Please (do this one)
Lesson 4 – let’s use our corporate influencing capacity to change this. Listen to the data. Don’t be lazy and complacent. This totally matters.

If you try hard, magical things start to happen

If you actually spend time thinking about the purpose of why you choose to do things; if you get into the habit of considering and writing down what you’re going for and if you actually go for the best in everything then it all starts to happen. If you then expend so much energy in achieving a fabulous result, you will be rewarded.
Lesson 5 – take a few minutes to do this.

Self- belief is the answer

We are already perfect, if we did but allow ourselves to know it. But for some reason life tells us otherwise. Imagine – if we did allow ourselves to really know this we would be powerful beyond compare, free to achieve everything we actually can. Why wouldn’t we give ourselves this best chance?
Lesson 6 – forgive and back yourself. You’re worthy of this.

I am inspired by the people I have been with this week and in these challenging times they renew my faith in what we can believe, become and achieve.
Congratulations 2019 Explorers. I am dying to get you back to Cambridge to continue our amazing journey.