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Want to revitalise your attendees and enhance the impact of your meeting? Take it outside

Outside business meeting

While there’s no replacement for a conventional meeting when lots of papers or projectors are needed, outside meetings can offer a great alternative for one-to-ones, small meetings or those that require a large amount of space.

Why hold your next meeting outside?

  • More creative
    Hosting a meeting away from your office space and breaking the usual routine can boost creativity and open the floodgates to a whole host of new ideas. What better place to do this than outside – as Nilofer Merchant articulates in her TED Talk – ‘fresh air drives fresh thinking’.
  • Better for your health and wellbeing
    Very simply, taking a meeting outside gets you moving and stops you sitting – a vital health benefit for those of us that lead a sedentary lifestyle. By getting up and active regularly during your meeting, you can combat the health problems that come with prolonged sitting. Better still, make it a walking meeting, as movement also stimulates brain function.
  • More relaxed
    Moving your meeting away from a formal set-up for even a small part of the session can make attendees feel more relaxed and comfortable to express their opinions. This also enhances collaborative working and ultimately the impact of your event.

Let’s be practical

While the recent appearance of the sun may make hosting a meeting or event outside a tempting idea, we all know the unpredictable English weather can make it a risky venture. The Møller Centre offers flexibility and the best of both worlds – with outdoor patios and beautifully kept College grounds located alongside airy meeting rooms that are flooded with natural light.

So, next time you’re having a meeting, why not take a flip chart out on to a patio to kick-start a brainstorming session, or have a one-to-one whilst walking on the College lawns?

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