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Organisational Culture

Organisational culture happens whether we are actively engaged with it or not. In a world of disruption and accelerating social change, any organisation which neglects to consciously engage with ‘how things are done around here’ risks putting itself at a massive disadvantage with regard to internal and external challenges. Equally it loses an opportunity to create a competitive advantage in engaging with customers, staff and the world in which it operates.

The Møller Institute works with organisations who aspire to navigate and influence the environment in which they work. Whether grappling with the social issues and opportunities which come into the organisation or creating the conditions through which the organisation can define and shape itself, a Møller leader makes the culture they lead fit for the impact they want to create.

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Global Leadership Development Programme

The Møller Institute was the strategic partner for Suntory’s Global Leadership Development Programme, its flagship multi-module, multi-region investment in developing future leaders. This was undertook by 24 of its most promising young stars from all over the world.