Our expertise

Through our experience of working with over 400 professional service firms, we have extensive knowledge about the unique culture and structure in which professional firms operate.

Our team have years of experience with professional service firms in the field of leadership development, strategy, business development, innovation and coaching and have worked with thousands of leaders internationally.

What those leaders, and client firms value are practical solutions that are grounded in real-world experience and delivered by seasoned executive education practitioners who have had to deal with the real world practical implications of their leadership actions and decisions.

The markets that professional service firms work in are unsettled.  Our team develop leaders and future leaders of professional firms to help them find new ways to create competitive advantage.

Historically, professional service firms have achieved high levels of profitability simply by doing good work and being highly responsive to client needs.

These fundamental requirements have not changed, but professional firms now face additional and significant challenges which our experienced team can help them overcome including:

  • Increased volatility and flat demand for core services
  • Downward client cost pressure and structural disruption from automation of services and increased use of artificial intelligence capabilities
  • Increasingly professionalised procurement and buying of services
  • Increasing competition for both talented people and valuable clients

Our work focuses on leadership, strategy, innovation, talent development and coaching.

These pages will give you a flavour of our work with some of the world’s most forward-looking professional service firms and include information on how we:

  • Develop leaders and high-potentials
  • Support leaders of professional firms in delivering a clear and fully-aligned strategy
  • Enable professional firms to differentiate themselves
  • Ensure that every partner has a practical understanding of how their firm makes money
  • Help professional firms to manage and manipulate margin return on work done
  • Give professional firms the tools and skills to nurture talent and accelerate performance
  • Instil a culture of continuous innovation
  • Have a team of executive coaches able to offer one to one coaching giving individuals the opportunity to work alongside a coach to explore the questions to which they are seeking clarity and insight.