Talent and accelerated performance

We live in times of unprecedented change – at the very least rapid advances in technology plus the growing evidence of a different outlook on what matters at work mean that the way talent is nurtured and performance accelerated has never been more important than today. For this reason, it is crucial that professional service firms begin to pay serious attention to the following factors:

  • How do purpose, meaning and values become part of our everyday working?
  • How do the behaviours of those in leadership roles encourage and listen to different ideas from a different generation who think differently?
  • How does the rise of technology and automation mean that essential skills such as creativity, judgement, negotiation and strategic thinking are focused on in order to retain the importance of the human at work?
  • How do our organisations ensure that the environment they create provides a psychologically safe culture of respect and trust, where genuine innovation and collaboration is the norm?

In our programmes at the Møller Institute we have many years of experience in designing and delivering learning which aims to assist professional service firms to grow their talent by including the following key principles:

  • The importance of self-awareness – an understanding of one’s strengths and weaknesses in order to be able to maximise our talents and move quickly to the role in which we can be most effective
  • To work on teaching the skill and care needed in our interactions with other people; how to maximise and grow teams so that everyone for whom they are responsible becomes fully operational and individually motivated as soon as possible
  • The importance of understanding our organisational and market context; developing a radar to understand our competition, our opportunities and our risks and therefore which strategy is the best suited to context in which we find ourselves

We believe that learning is an individual experience and therefore design programmes to include both large group classroom activities and smaller more intimate working groups, as well as many opportunities to coach and be coached both by fellow participants and by our professional team of executive coaches. This range of approaches means that our participants leave our programmes feeling fully catered for, having taken a pause in their otherwise busy lives to examine their own individual potential, and therefore be in a better position to make choices to go on and realise their own particular ambitions.