David Sheldon


Picture of David sheldon

David Sheldon is a practicing General Counsel at a global Corporate & Investment Bank and a qualified Executive Coach. His broad experience of over 25 years at both international law firms and then within the client side of financial services firms gives David a sophisticated insight into how relationships between professional service providers and clients flourish and why they do not. David combines his experience as both a seller and buyer of professional services with his skills as an Executive Coach to promote an alternative way of building long lasting and effective relationships.

Additionally, David has significant experience in the governance and management oversight of financial services firms and has studied and lectured on the causes of the financial crisis. He has a particular interest in ensuring lessons from the past are deployed effectively on a forward looking basis. He believes culture is at the heart of this.

In his Executive Coaching practice, David has coached senior professionals in the legal, financial services and charitable sectors both in existing leadership positions and those transitioning into these roles. As an experienced practioner in both law and investment banking, David can hit the ground running when coaching clients, and brings a pragmatic, positive approach to his coaching.
At the Moller Institute, David has worked on programmes for law firms and global banking clients on effective client relationships and financial regulation and risk management for financial services firms firms.