Technology Services

Our dedicated technical support team are committed to delivering exemplary technology services to support those who use our meeting rooms, plan and host conferences / events at the Møller Centre and our overnight guests.

Offering more advanced technology services than you would encounter at a typical conference venue, here are our technology services in more detail:

Audio Visual

  • UHD TV screens as standard

Most meeting rooms are fitted with a 49” or 55” Ultra-high-definition (UHD) LG screen. Each screen provides the brightest, crispest possible picture, with up to 4K display capability. Some of these have been fitted so that you can lift and lower the new screens with ease to adapt their positioning to your needs; lower the screen for a colleague joining your meeting virtually, or raise it as a comfort monitor for a facilitator or speaker.

All of the Møller Centre screens now have built-in Logitech webcams, making video recording and video conferencing quick and easy. Event organisers can also keep an eye on what’s going on without being in the room, using the webcam to run a video feed into a nearby meeting room.

  • Plug-and-play from in-built USB

A fully integrated AV/IT unit with built-in Windows 10 PC, amplifier, Atlona switcher/scaler and a wall plate with HDMI, VGA and audio sockets and USB ports.

In a nutshell, this is your personal AV/IT control centre that brings together everything you need in one easily-accessible place. The simplest, most dependable and hassle-free way to display a presentation at the Møller Centre is by ‘plug-and-play’ with a USB stick or pre-loaded to the in-built PC in your control centre ahead of your meeting. Whatever you choose, you are in control.

  • Audio and video recording

In addition to our own recording studio, the Møller Centre can provide audio and/or video recording to capture events and meetings. This can be used for marketing purposes – such as filming testimonials or edited film/audio for web use – or for internal purposes, such as audio recordings for transcription and write-up as a record of the meeting content.

Picture of video recording at an event held at the Moller Centre

  • Dual projection

Dual projection allows you to display presentation slides or video from two different sources at the same time. This is an ideal solution for when you need to show presentations in two languages, or presentations where videos or photos can be shown alongside a supporting presentation. This facility is available three of our meeting rooms.

  • Crystal-clear speakers

JBL ceiling speakers ensure the perfect balance between volume and clarity.

  • Webcams

All of the Møller Centre screens now have built-in Logitech webcams, making video recording and video conferencing quick and easy. This means you, as an event organiser, can also keep an eye on what’s going on without being in the room, using the webcam to run a video feed into a nearby meeting room.

  • Apple® AirPlay

Apple® AirPlay provides a wireless connection from an Apple® device to the meeting room screen, allowing speakers and delegates to show slides or share information directly from their iPad or iPhone. This facility is available in all of our meeting rooms.

  • Smart TV’s in every bedroom

32″ LG TV’s, allowing your delegates to relax and unwind after a busy day, they are able to access their Netflix and Amazon Prime accounts, etc.

  • Lapel Microphones

Premium quality Sennheiser hand-held and lapel microphones ensure crisp quality sound and make for faultless audio recording.

  • Media Studio, equipped with green screen

The Studio includes full audio/video recording capabilities with an integrated green screen and purpose-built lighting, which can be edited using our in-house service. The Studio was formerly a professional recording studio, so the acoustics are absolutely perfect.

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  • Interactive whiteboards

We offer SMART Kapp interactive whiteboards to help improve learning and your delegates learning experience through increasing participation and enhancing collaboration. Our technology team will demonstrate how you can use these to enhance your meeting and feedback from clients is that they are very user-friendly.

  • Wireless and wired internet connections

Site-wide WiFi is complimentary to all those who use our meeting rooms, host and attend events at the Møller Centre and our overnight guests.

  • Online meeting and conference facilities

The demand for online meetings is on the rise and we can support these allowing both speakers and delegates to participate in virtual meetings regardless of their location. Sharing of two-way video presentations via a fast and secure online meeting creates a ‘virtual seat’ experience and makes for easy collaboration among colleagues. We prefer to use GoToMeeting, but will support you with your preferred method, if different.

  • Paperless conferencing

As part of our commitment to a sustainable environmental policy, we have our own stock of iPads available for you and your delegates to use, enabling your meetings and events to run without paper.

  • Apple iPad hire

The Møller Centre has a stock of 35 iPads available for hire. These are an important part of our paperless conferencing offering.

  • Audience participation devices

Using our audience participation devices, event organisers can build in questions or polls to presentations and gather valuable, real-time data from participants. This provides an interactive and engaging aspect for events with up to 100 delegates. Audience participation can work effectively as part of a conference, or for smaller-scale events or meetings (providing a recording of the survey results and offering an anonymity element if required).


  • Your own personal, experienced tech-support, available 24/7

The Møller Centre is proud to be a high-tech venue with its own dedicated technology team (of nine qualified staff, including three technicians) available 24/7, providing you with peace of mind. A team of nine, they provide a shift-pattern of support so there is never a technology query that can’t be answered anytime, day or night.