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The Studio

Picture of Richard Hill presenting for Suntory
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Situated within the Study Centre, The Studio is an innovative, multi-media, interactive work space. The Studio is high-tech, ‘paperless’ and ideal for facilitated workshops, Design Thinking days, innovation sessions, interactive conference calls and media training.

The Studio includes full audio/video recording capabilities with an integrated green screen and purpose built lighting. The Studio also features an exclusive creative thinking lounge, including a coffee machine and refreshments area, as well as comfortable seating and inspiring artwork.

The table and chairs can easily be removed if necessary, which could be beneficial for highly creative meetings requiring people to be on their toes and proactive.


  • Green screen
  • 60 inch 4K smart TV
  • Two 42 inch smart whiteboards (one way interaction)
  • 65 inch smart TV kapp pro (two way interaction)
  • Built in PC
  • Video conference calling abilities
  • Gygabite brix (a wall mounted, small but powerful computer). One in the Creative Thought Lounge, one in The Studio.
  • 49 inch 4k smart TV in the Creative Thought Lounge
  • Digital audio recorder
  • Bluetooth amplifier
  • 5 floor boxes
  • Apple® TV


  • The Studio – 28.77m² (depth  – 5.8m – width  – 4.6m)
  • Creative Thought Lounge – 15.93m²
  • Ceiling height – 2.40m