Edward Trollip

Edward Trollip

What is your previous job experience?

I previously worked as a Landscape Gardener across the Midlands and East of England. I’ve also spent time at a Cambridge garden center, so switching to Tech work has been a nice change. The company, the building, and the connections to Churchill College all got my attention, and I’m glad it did!

We know you spent time with each department during your training period, which department would you say you enjoyed spending time with the most, and why?

There is no one particular department I enjoyed spending time with the most. However, the Conference House Porter team work in collaboration with the Food and Beverage team quite a lot in order to provide the best possible service for our clients, so it’s nice to have the two teams looking out for each other.

What would you say your proudest accomplishment is in both your personal and professional life?

I’ve spent some time live streaming and podcasting, mainly about gaming, and did get pretty far, however, I’ve not kept up with it as much as I would like. Professionally, I was quite proud of using this knowledge to help a client here at the Institute, which was a nice way to tie things together.

Do you have any hobbies outside of work?

I’m a huge nerd, so video games, table tops, etc. are my cup of tea. I can talk for hours about my favourite stories.

How have you found working at the Møller Institute so far?

It’s been great. Everyone here is friendly and helpful, it’s been a pleasure to meet all the teams and get to know everyone.

I love how much everyone works together and that my efforts will later be a part of something bigger.

Edward Trollip

What’s something valuable you’ve learned during your time at the Institute?

Well… I’ve learned a lot more about Danish shipping companies than I thought I would!

On a more serious note, it’s been great to learn about some of the more unique tech we use here. I’ve also come to realise that based on our clients’ feedback, we majorly invest in our technology, and take on board ways which we can enhance their experience.

Are there any upcoming projects you’re excited about?

We’re in the process of replacing the data projectors in Study Centre Suites 1 and 2, and the improved quality really shows!