Enhance your value as a coach

The value of a trusted, business-orientated confidant to help leaders highlight their ‘blind spots’, explore confidential topics and weigh-up options has never been greater. We help you enhance your value as a coach, support your organisation embed a coaching culture, and with executive coaching help you act quickly, decisively and confidently.


Coaching is increasingly considered an integral part of organisations’ strategic direction, infusing a person-centered and purpose-driven learning culture across the organisation to drive effective communication and accelerate performance.

In a fast-speed, globally competitive and complex world, organisation leaders must act quickly, decisively and confidently. Yet two-thirds of CEOs do not receive coaching or leadership advice according to Harvard Business Review May 2017 , despite evidence that organisations employing coaching produce stronger market performance.

Our leadership development programmes typically incorporate pragmatic coaching, supporting delegates through leadership development with one-to-one coaching to accelerate performance and develop leadership potential in support of the programme. We also work with clients to help select and train internal coaches as a foundation for their coaching journeys and to establish a performance-focused coaching culture.

There are a range of bespoke ways in which the Møller Institute team works strategically and practically with organisations in line with our purpose of inspiring individuals to be the best they can be and to accelerate the performance of the organisations which they serve.

Our internationally recognised team:

  • Enable organisations to achieve world-class performance through coaching approaches
  • Empower organisations to build coaching cultures that unleash the potential of individuals to work at their very best

Coaching services

We offer a rigorous coach training programme that enable internal staff to coach others in a performance-focused, transformational and ethical manner.

The accredited programme Cambridge Advanced Executive Coaching Programme is for experienced coaches who work with CEOs and Directors.