Picture of Cathy Butler and Richard Hill at Moller Institute

Leadership Insight: Are you shaping yourself around the context, or shaping the context around yourself?

video conferencing in meeting room

Seamlessly integrate the advantages of video conferencing

Picture of Ruth at Moller Institute

Six magical lessons in leadership from the Explorer Mindset programme

Picture of people planning an event at Moller Institute

Event planning checklist

picture of meeting at moller institute

In praise of relationships. Win more work, at higher prices and with happier clients.

Picture of breakfast at Moller Institute

Brain food: Successful leaders eat breakfast, you should too

Value of Asian assets

Why sustainable event management is booming

picture of moller institute breakfast

Brain food: Improve team bonding with food

Picture of an off-site meeting at Moller Institute

Discover the benefits of off-site meetings

Picture of meeting room snacks at Moller Institute

Brain food: The best meeting snacks

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