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Møller Institute – ambition achieved

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The Møller Centre has recently fulfilled its long-held strategic ambition to become The Møller Institute reflecting the significance and global impact of its work.

Gillian Secrett, CEO, explained, “The Møller Institute encompasses all that we do with our clients in the fields of leadership development and executive education and represents the vision of our founder Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller, to bring together the worlds of business and academia for professional and executive education. We continue to develop leaders and aspiring leaders to be their best, equip them to be agile and resilient, to innovate and succeed, accelerating the performance of their organisations. We will continue to specialise in the corporate and professional services firms arenas. Our focus is on leadership, strategy and innovation, developing leadership behaviours that influence engagement, performance and culture to deliver positive impact for individuals, organisations and society.

The Møller Centre brand will continue to represent the important focus of the Centre as a residential venue experience. We offer a creative collaborative learning environment and understand our clients’ needs for learning events and conferencing. We provide a high level of professional and technical service as well as delicious, healthy food to delight our clients. We work across the corporate, public and academic sectors supporting clients to deliver high impact programmes, events and accommodation to benefit their people and their organisations.

We deliver quality and consistency to support our clients, welcoming them to our vibrant Churchill College community in the University of Cambridge. All our profits are covenanted to Churchill College to help grow international leaders for the future. We encourage all our team, as well as our clients, to consider their impact on society and the environment as we contribute towards the Sustainable Development Goals.

To reflect these exciting developments we have launched two dynamic and complementary websites www.mollerinstitute.com and www.mollercentre.co.uk which I hope reinforce our customer promise – ‘The customer is at the heart of everything we do.’ ”

The Møller Institute team are currently focusing on the following outcomes for clients:

  • How to make executives more effective overseas and with international collaborators, and thereby lead global high-performance teams
  • How to lead through uncertainty, evaluate risks and take finely-balanced decisions (e.g. in the face of Brexit)
  • How to create and embed a culture of innovation
  • How to avoid unconscious biases, attract a more diverse mix of people, engage, retain and develop them and make the best use of their talents
  • How to ensure that formal corporate governance procedures result in the right behaviours
  • How to remain situationally aware of emerging technological challenges and opportunities like the block-chain and cyber-security
  • How to move from lean to agile/fail-fast approaches
  • How to break down silos and move to systems thinking

For more information on how the Møller Institute could support your organisation contact Richard Buttrey, Client Director.