Smita Elmore


Photo of Smita Elmore at Moller Institute

With over 15 years consultancy and coaching experience with people from across 40 countries Smita’s clients represent the diversity she values. They include top talent and senior leaders from the FTSE 50, United Nations, International Pharmaceutical, Agrichem and Manufacturing, Global Insurers, Multinational Media. She has also led sessions for the MBA and MA in Finance programmes at London Business School focusing on helping leaders of the future embrace change and handle conflict.

Her strengths include Executive Leadership Coaching, team and organisational development with a focus on systemic culture change and she is motivated by seeing change that transforms organisations made at the individual level. She is passionate about enabling people to have the conversations they need to work effectively, develop inclusive organisational cultures and achieve their ambitions. A norm throughout her professional career has been to negotiate dynamic political environments whilst trying to influence wide groups of stakeholders who often hold competing priorities.

Smita had a “first” career working in International Human Rights. She experienced first-hand working in the extreme circumstances of conflict settings in partnerships with marginalised community- based organisations including survivors of violence and ex-fighters.

This experience shaped her approach that even in extreme situations people really are capable of challenging and supporting each other to deliver more than the sum of their parts.

Her innate interest in how people can work effectively together across cultures and systems started early and she holds an MA in International Studies and Diplomacy from SOAS, University of London and a BA in US and Latin American Studies.