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Union Pay – Global financial innovation programme

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UnionPay is the only domestic bank card organisation in China. Founded in 2002 UnionPay is an association for China’s banking card industry, operating under the approval of the People’s Bank of China.

UnionPay, sent their senior teams to the Møller Institute for three years, aiming to broaden their international outlook, improve leadership skills and develop a competitive international strategy for growth.

Practical impact

The customised programme lasted for three weeks, focusing on:

  • payments industry innovations
  • brand values and customer service
  • engaging and retaining high performance teams
  • competitive strategies for internationalising
  • macroeconomics trends that may impact the payments landscape
  • technical aspects of electronic payment industry
  • leadership and teamwork
  • visiting bankcard related companies – WorldPay, BarclayCard, DunnHumby, Burberry, to experience innovation in the payments industry
  • connecting the group to like-minded organisations who they are now working with

Design and delivery

The programme was delivered by experts from the payments industry, retail banking sector and academics. The delegation experienced learning in a variety of styles to suit different tastes, references and culture. Group discussions and facilitated sessions were included as part of the programme to allow time for reflection.

We provided a programme that met UnionPay’s requirements outlined in their needs analysis, and also included creative ideas for sessions based on expert advice. We aimed for the delegates to critically examine their skills, knowledge and company for both personal development and professional growth in order to manage the challenges within their organisation and industry. Importantly, both UnionPay and The Møller Centre could share knowledge and understanding to learn about how business is conducted, and could therefore learn from each other.