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Filming your event

Filming your event

If you are looking to further engage the attendees and non-attendees at your event and support your marketing and content strategy, we are able to film your event and professionally edit with high production quality.

Our experienced team will work with you to understand your audience, objectives, brand and specific requirements, as outlined below.

This premium product includes:

Before the event

We will liaise with you to fully understand your requirements focusing on the following:

  • Your key reason for making the film
  • Key messages
  • Who needs to be interviewed, in how much detail and when in the day they will be available
  • Primary and secondary target audience
  • How many edited films are required, e.g. short 30 second highlights for social media, a three minute film to use to educate people who missed the event
  • Type of graphics required: captions and fonts to fit in with your corporate style, inclusion of PowerPoint slides from the presentation
  • General style of film and soundtrack/s i.e. informative, pacey, friendly, professional, relaxed, informal or formal; (usually a mixture of these)
  • When the films are required

Following this, we produce an outline/checklist, which we will share with you, amendments can be made if required to ensure the finished films meet your expectations.

During the event

  • Meet you and your team on site an hour before the event along with relevant Møller team members.
  • We use one to three cameras, professional sound and lighting equipment (if needed)
  • Our presence is as discreet as possible to ensure we do not interrupt the proceedings
  • All required filming is checked against a comprehensive checklist

After the event

  • Post production work is scheduled to fit in with your deadline
  • Once films are complete they are posted to a private site online for you to review
  • Within the pricing, one set of amendments is included
  • Once you are completely happy with the films we can enable the films to be shared or downloaded to your computer
  • We offer free advice on the best way to distribute the films and reach your intended audience

In addition, we offer professional hosting on Wistia, which has numerous benefits including information on number of views and how the film is being received, as well as a totally private project folder.

For more information please speak with our team.