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Leading teams of machines and humans

Mike Mister, Partner at the Møller Institute was part of a transatlantic team that showcased some original research in one of the concurrent sessions at the 20th International Leadership Association (ILA) Global Conference in West Palm Beach, Florida in October 2018. The research is part of an ongoing effort into the issues related to leading teams that have both humans and machines and specifically looking at the impact of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

ILA’s conference is the premier gathering for the leadership profession, including more than 1,200 leadership coaches and consultants, public leaders and executives, educators and students, and scholars and researchers from around the world. One of the founders of the ILA, Prof. Georgia Sorenson, and Møller Leadership Scholar commended the presentation as “at the cutting edge of leadership research” and the findings will be peer reviewed and potentially form part of a future paper in the Cambridge Elements Series.

A video of the presentation can be viewed below:

Special thanks to team members, Liz Baltesz, Sara-Michele Lazarus, Taylor Harrell, and Michael Seelman, our interviewees, audience participants, and supporters.

Please contact us if you would like us to discuss our research findings.

Mike is part of a team studying and sharing executive best practices for leading human-machine teams and Artificial Intelligence-supported business operations.

With the new digital era – powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning – businesses face a fundamentally different leadership challenge. Successful executives must lead a collaborative effort of humans and artificial intelligence-powered machines.

Diversity has a whole new meaning with digital team members becoming collaborative partners with inherently different strengths, weaknesses, and ways of thinking than their human counterparts. Authentic leaders will need to create new organizational narratives about the nature of work, the roles humans and machines play in integrated teams, and address the emotional needs of their human followers during exponential change.

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