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Cambridge Online Business Coaching Programme

Start date: Monday 9 September - Monday 4 November 2024

Transforming Business with a Coaching Culture

Over the course of this eight-week online coaching programme, participants are equipped with the skills to coach professionally and ethically within an organisation and to disseminate this cultural coaching style at managerial level through to teams.

At the core of this programme is cultivating a coaching ability with the objective of using coaching to raise the organisation’s performance by increasing productivity and shaping a more emotionally intelligent culture to promote long-term, sustainable growth.

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Hear from the programme team

Keith Nelson, Programme Director and Associate at the Møller Institute outlines the key details of the Cambridge Online Business Coaching Programme, along with Rachel Thomason, Programme Manager.

Key features

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Develop core coaching skills

You will discover and build fundamental coaching skills so that you can coach effectively and build trusting relationships. This is supported by an effective framework and structure alongside engaging tools for your coaching.

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Practise as you learn

We take a practical approach to learning - the best way to improve your coaching is to practise. You will take part in coaching practice sessions, including including an assignment demonstrating six hours of coaching.



This programme is accredited to Award level with the Association for Coaching, so you can be assured of the quality of the experience.

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Join from anywhere in the world

Combining live online sessions with self-guided learning, you can join this programme virtually from wherever you are in the world, all whilst benefiting from peer and live learning.

Learning outcomes

For any type of coaching to be at its very best, it is essential that the relationship between the coach and the coachee is held within a secure, robust and resilient space. This programme introduces the skills, knowledge and resources needed to create and maintain a safe ‘holding’ environment for a coachee to explore topics safely and confidentially. Specifically, by the end of the programme, you will be able to:


  • Demonstrate effective coaching skills during a formative assessment, evaluated against the Association for Coaching competencies;
  • Analyse the application of coaching in organisations, including the role of the internal and external coach; and
  • Discuss and understand the value of coaching and a coaching culture to enable individuals to fulfil their potential, and raise the performance of the organisation.



Who is the programme for?

This programme is suitable for those who wish to formalise their business coaching experience and skills, including:

  • HR and Learning & Development professionals
  • Leaders, managers and others in organisations who want to explore more about the value of performance coaching in organisations
  • Coaches and consultants who wish to develop a business coaching practice
  • Internal coaches looking to move into a coaching career

Looking for something more advanced?

If you have substantial coaching experience or have already completed some coaching training, our  Cambridge Advanced Executive Coaching Programme may be more suitable for you to deepen your practice and support those at C-suite and Executive level.

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This programme is accredited by the Association for Coaching (AC) to Award level. The AC Coach Training Accreditation signals to participants that a development course meets the AC standards for comprehensive coach training, encompassing the application of the competencies, ethical approach, and guidelines and practical experience. In addition, after successfully completing the programme, you are also eligible to register for a complimentary Associate level membership with the Associate for Coaching. Information is provided at the end of Week 6.

The Møller Institute is a recognised executive education provider within the University of Cambridge and operates with oversight from the General Board’s Education Committee and its Education Quality and Policy Office. You will receive a Certificate of Completion issued under the Royal Charter of Churchill College.

The Møller Institute Coaching Philosophy

We believe in equipping coaches with knowledge of a range of methodologies so that they can draw on the most appropriate approach for each individual coaching situation.

Built with academic rigor, the Cambridge Online Business Coaching Programme has been developed by a highly qualified coaching team, including Keith Nelson, Programme Director of the Coaching Programmes at the Møller Institute.


Three factors underpin the coaching philosophy at The Møller Institute and taught on this course:

  1. Coaching is performance-focused.
  2. Coaching is a person-centred approach that seeks to bring out the best in everyone in the organisation.
  3. Coaching works appropriately and safely at all times.

Programme details

Upcoming programme dates

  • Monday 9 September – Monday 4 November 2024
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