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Bring new perspectives and habits into your everyday leadership to support you to create impact in new and unexpected ways. The volatility, complexity and ambiguity of our 21st century world creates unique barriers, but also new horizons and opportunities. To successfully navigate the modern-day environment requires insightful, thoughtful and ambitious leadership – and the desire and ability to explore.

The Explorer Mindset creates a platform from which you can grow as a leader, test yourself and establish genuine solutions to the challenges you want to overcome. It gives you the tools to discover a space for you and those around you in our shared future, and to transform your success in the long term.

Within a community of like-minded leaders you will practice new skills, apply fresh behaviours and gain insights into latest thinking on effective leadership. Through a programme blended from face-to-face and online interactions, you will try on different leadership behaviours for size, and discover the best fit for you.

You will grow through knowledge acquisition, practical learning, challenge and project tasks, coaching, and many other methods, all underpinned by a rigorous learning design and academic grounding from the Møller Institute.

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Key features

Executive wellbeing

Wellbeing is a key element of the Explorer Mindset. Organisations responding to an increasingly complex, competitive and unpredictable environment, are demanding their people do more with less – and leaders are no exception.

Inter-modular project work

Programme participants will source and undertake an inter-modular project that will provide them with a rich experiential context to support the learning context.

Through the project and coaching check-ins, participants will apply many aspects of their learning including within strategic focus; innovation leadership; prioritising making choices and planning; Creating and managing a high performance team; and disciplined execution skills

Mindset diagnostics

The programme content is framed around seven ‘mindset dimensions’, formed of core psychological characteristics and leadership approaches.

Prior to the programme, all participants will undertake a personalised diagnostic which is designed to help participants through psychometric feedback to understand their own mindset and the ways in which it enables or detracts from the attributes of an explorer mindset

Leadership through coaching

Coaching helps leaders and organisations reconnect with what is most important for them. On this programme participants do not only receive individual coaching, they are taught coaching skills to be able to support one another through small coaching groups.

The 7 Explorer Mindsets

The Explorer Mindset is based around seven mindsets, they will be inter-woven throughout the programme, they are:

Personal Resilience is a key aspect of the Explorer Mindset. This includes the speed at which a person bounces back from disappointments, their tendency to see things as within their control or influence, and their fundamental belief in their ability to overcome obstacles and thrive during adversity. We tend to have certain beliefs about ourselves and the world that influence our base level of Personal Resilience. However, Personal Resilience also needs to be nurtured in order to be sustained during challenging periods.

I joined senior leaders from other global organisations on the Explorer Mindset programme. The fast-paced, highly interactive and intense programme at The Møller Institute was a unique experience and a blend of information, learning, exchange, practice and joy, facilitated and led by top notch global experts.

I can highly recommend Explorer Mindset to other business leaders, curious and ready to explore how to successfully and confidently navigate in a VUCA world, whether setting up a new venture or leading a blue-chip giant.

Anna Lyczak-Czepukojc
HR Europe
Scandinavian Airlines System

December 2019

Learning outcomes

The Explorer Mindset leadership development programme is designed to equip you with the cognitive, emotional and behavioural resources to confidently lead your organisation at this critical point in history. Below are some the benefits the programme will have you you, your team and your organisation

  • Apply creativity and imagination to leadership demands
  • Improve decision-making by identifying and tackling unhelpful mind talk and cognitive biases
  • Gain awareness of management mindsets that have become ‘stuck’ and adopt new, more fit-for-purpose mindsets
  • Develop a deeper understanding of personal purpose and its role in leadership
  • Draw on purpose-driven management styles as a source of empowerment, confidence and courage
  • Build on positive leadership communication skills to develop even more impactful communication styles

Who is the programme for?

Explorer Mindset is for anyone who leads or aspires to lead. If you have the ambition to stretch yourself and unlock your ability to lead in a changing world the programme is for you. If you want to explore the ways in which you can grow and support others to grow with you, become part of the Møller Institute Explorer community.

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An Explorer’s Perspective

Hear previous participants talk about the impact the Explorer Mindset had on them.


All of our programmes are reviewed and approved by The Møller Institute’s Education Standards Committee. The committee examine context, relevance, design, content, structure and delivery methodology together with the appropriateness of faculty and scope to engage delegates to embed the learning to create real impact.

The Møller Institute is also an approved provider of Executive Education meeting the standards set by the University of Cambridge Board of Executive and Professional Education.

Programme details


  • Module 1: Friday 4 – Sunday 6 November 2022
  • Module 2: Monday 6 – Friday 10 March 2023
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