Møller Institute is temporarily closed in terms of hosting conferences and events but still very much open for business. Read more


Picture of the Venue Verdict Gold Standard icon for 2018

Customer Service Feedback – Q4 target smashed

Møller Institute wins China Bank contract

In 2018 we helped bio-bean save over 2,200 tonnes of CO2 emmissions

Global representation on Cambridge Advanced Executive Coaching Programme

Shortlisted future technology leader acknowledges Møller leadership programme

Møller Institute CEO receives royal Danish order

Møller Associate honoured for services to leadership education and interfaith cohesion in the UK

Møller Institute Alumna Develops New Program for Nigeria’s Future Leaders

people on the patio at the Møller Centre

Wake up and recycle the coffee

Møller Institute voted Best UK Management Training Centre

Churchill College Alumni adds energy to Møller’s Explorer Mindset programme

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