Picture of a leadership development programme at the Møller Institute

Our Leadership Perspective

We recognise the importance of immediate impact, and therefore our focus is on practical application rather than conceptual research. Everything we do works towards improving the leadership behaviours, habits and mindsets of leaders, wherever they sit within their organisations.

We believe leadership happens everywhere. It is not a title or a position but a mindset, behaviour and skillset. Our development approach reflects this – we treat leadership as a capability to be learned, habits that can be repeated, and perspectives that are continually growing.

Leadership is an applied skill, and the ultimate goal of leadership is to create impact. Impact is the applied product of purpose, which in turn is the application of principles. This provides clear signposting to the types of development and learning that are appropriate for the creation of specific deliverables.


Picture of the Moller Institutes perspective on leadership

Each tier of this pathway has its own characteristics and routes to development:

The focus of this tier is the discovery of the core ideas and underlying foundations that drive each of us as leaders. Learning and development activities here relate to engagement with big ideas and the intrinsic roots of our leadership practice, from which we derive our base principles.