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Leadership Programmes

Developing Bespoke Programmes

We believe in the value of planning and consultation before the delivery of learning, and this approach has led us to consistently produce programmes that have surpassed our clients’ expectations. Our responsive approach enabled us to understand more about the specific culture in each of our clients’ organisations, and to refine and iterate, increasing the likelihood of success and value. We adopt the following principles:

Engaging stakeholders

Engaging stakeholders and learning from them in order to improve our insights, so that we can design the best approach for our clients together.


Ensuring mutual respect and trust in all our dealings with each other, and with a purpose to change the behaviour of those attending, and to reinforce organisational strategy and values.

share knowledge

Sharing our expertise on what has worked elsewhere to strive to provide first-class development and to helpfully challenge how a team and individuals are preparing for the future.

collaborative approach

Taking a collaborative approach – learning from each other, constantly improving and collectively celebrating success.

Quality Assurance

We apply governance and quality assurance processes to ensure that our programme delivery standards are in line with both our clients’ needs and within the University of Cambridge. We draw inputs and perspectives from the Møller Institute Advisory Board and Associates, and recommend creating a focused steering group formed of key stakeholders from within our client’s organisation to provide additional guidance. In conjunction with our clients, at the outset we identify key criteria to measure learning outcomes, engagement and impact.

Each of our programmes is scrutinised and approved by the Møller Institute’s Education Standards Committee, which examines context, relevance, design, content, structure and delivery methodology, together with the appropriateness of the teaching team and scope to engage participants to embed the learning and create real impact.

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Professional Service Firms

We work with clients from a range of sectors including professional service firms, where we have a successful track record in designing and delivering high impact and very well-received leadership development programmes for global firms.



Open Programmes

Our open programmes will stretch you to lead at your peak. We have distilled our experience of delivering bespoke leadership development and coaching programmes to global leaders to give you practical, accessible, values-based programmes which deliver you, and your organisation, impact in the workplace.