leadership challenges

Leadership Challenges

The challenges which leaders must resolve are both universal and particular. While we are subject to the same forces, the ways in which they appear inside organisations varies radically.

The Møller Institute works across all contexts which leaders respond to but recognise that there are constant and core areas which are faced by all regardless of sector, place or scale. These are naturally wide and diverse, but can all be solved through the application of positive and impactful leadership skills and behaviours. Our programmes develop insights into these critical challenges alongside the skills, mindsets and behaviours which create leadership solutions for the long-term.

Alongside our leadership development solutions, our community of experts, subject specialists and practitioners spend time building perspectives and discovering the reality of these challenges in practice. Our goal is for these insights to create tangible impact on the way leaders, their teams and their organisations define and create success.



Leading for Impact

Leadership makes an impact, but not every leader or organisation can be described as an Impact Leader. Impact Leadership is all about creating new landscape in which to succeed and redefining perspectives on success.


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Organisational Culture

In a world of disruption and accelerating social change, any organisation which neglects to consciously engage with ‘how things are done around here’ risks putting itself at a massive disadvantage.

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Change Leadership

Change is either chosen or thrust upon you – but regardless of its origins, the way in which leaders respond to it is the key factor in failing or succeeding.

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Developing Talent

Leadership talent is the key to the success of all organisations. Whether it focuses on the individuals who take on leadership roles, career pathways and opportunities or the overall proposition

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Building Teams

We perform better when we work together, and a leading team is one which has discovered their potential for high performance and made it real.

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Leadership Development

We have a long and proven track record of delivering successful behavioural leadership programmes for global clients and a portfolio of recommendations from a wide range of leading organisations across a variety of industries worldwide.

Certificates for our programmes are issued by Churchill College and endorsed by the University of Cambridge.