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Møller Institute is delighted to share our leadership insights magazine Inspire.

Inspire brings together and includes features relevant to all aspects of our work in leadership development, executive education programmes, conferencing and events.

We are proud to share with you the insights, talent, experience and wisdom of our team of Associates and contributors.

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Issue three of Inspire is entitled ‘Accelerating Innovation’ and includes a number of thought provoking insights including:

  • Artificial Intelligence and Healthcare: From Sci-Fi to reality
  • Ignore the hype, brace for blockchain impact
  • How our brain deals with new ideas
  • Could Covid change how we innovate?
  • Escaping the Sameness Trap: Inclusiveness and Innovation
  • Innovation and the inner world of a leader

Inspire - Accelerating Innovation

Inspire - The new leadership toolkit

Inspire - Getting to the heart of purpose

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